About Us

At Undo Your Bra, we are an Australian owned business based in Sydney Australia. We know how it feels to have to wear a bra everywhere you go to cover up your nipples. We know the orgasmic feeling at the end of a long day when you go home and Undo Your Bra. 

It is surely the best feeling of the day, because we know how uncomfortable it is wearing a bra we sourced the most comfortable quality casual wear with built in bras.

If you are like me, I'm lazy and I don't want to get changed. I don't want to get out of my PJs when I'm at home. But I need to because I need to drop off the kids, have online zoom meetings and occasionally need to duck out for groceries.

So I've come up with Undo Your Bra (based in Sydney) to sell only quality clothing that you love to wear everyday. We hope our tops will become one of your favourites and you will reorder our comfortable garments.

Key reasons why Built in Bra tops are essential for every women's wardrobe:

  • Wireless Built in Bra, no harsh wires on your body.
  • No more bra straps digging into your skin or falling off your shoulders
  • Ease of use and convenient garment for hospital stays, travelling, people with physical disability and elderly women.
  • Great for sports and outdoor activities

We truly value all our customers give our garments a try, and if you are not satisfied with how comfortable the clothing is please send it back and we offer exchanges and refunds. We are confident you will love our clothes as much as we do.